Fall 2018 Changelog

As I did last year, I’m making a few tweaks to the reading list. Here, for the sake of record-keeping, is an outline of what’s different. I’m looking forward to 2019, when new works enter the US public domain for the first time in years.


LINK CHANGE: I found a Gutenberg text for “Odour of Chrysthanthemums.”

OUT: The short selections from Twain and Joyce.
IN: “The Mark on the Wall” by Virginia Woolf.

OUT: “Gusev.” We never had time to do this one justice, and it only marginally fits into setting.

IN: “Sultana’s Dream.” Represents feminist utopian fiction.


I changed the strategy here, eliminating the two days on the Dickinson-Whitman dichotomy and introducing a day on “modes of poetry.” I moved the form discussion earlier in the unit and added a day at the end to compare two poems from different centuries with a common theme.