Great, How do I Read this Stuff?

gutenbergscreenshotHere is a screenshot from a Project Gutenberg text, showing download options.This will be typical of your fiction and drama assignments. Poetry, for the most part, we will simply be reading on the web. So, let’s run down the options for accessing the text.

  • HTML: You click on the link and read the work on the web. That’s it! This may not be the most comfortable or elegant for longer works, but it’s always simple.
  • EPUB (with or without images) This is an open eBook format. These files can be downloaded and opened with various free eReader applications on your computer or mobile. The apps include Google Play Books, many others. This is my own preferred option for anything over a few pages. Here are instructions for opening an EPUB file in Google Books. Note that it’s easier to do the initial upload on a computer; then it should be available on all of your devices. This link should get you to your Google Books Library:, where you can find the upload button in the upper right.
  • Kindle: Like EPUB, but proprietary. If you are used to reading books on a Kindle or Kindle app on a tablet or phone, this may be for you.
  • Plain Text: Just what it sounds like. Very ugly, and not any simpler than HTML.
  • More Files: This appears to contain previous versions. Nothing to see here.

Are there books I could buy if I want? You are free to buy some of the texts if you prefer. However, there is no one book, or even a reasonably-sized set of books, that would include all these readings. Perhaps you’d like to pick up cheap or used copies of our longer assignments, if that’s how you feel most comfortable reading them. Those would be our novel and Shakespeare play. If you choose to buy the playmake sure it’s Shakespeare’s actual play and not some modern paraphrase. Our other long-ish work is Oedipus the King, by Sophocles. To get a version that is in the public domain, we are reading a 1912 translation from the ancient Greek by Francis Storr. Reading a different translation may make it difficult to follow class discussion and is not recommended.