New for Spring 2019

For the first time in more than 20 years new works entered the US public domain this year, and thus became free to distribute. I only made a few tweaks to the reading list this semester, but one of those was to add a newly available short story, Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street” (not to be confused with her later novel, Mrs Dalloway). The new story went under the character section, while I moved “Miss Brill” from character to point of view. I removed Woolf’s “Kew Gardens” from the list. Also in fiction, I returned Chekhov’s “Gusev” to the reading list under setting; I just missed teaching it.

In poetry I tinkered with the idea of going all public domain but finally decided that the diversity of modern poets whose work is available through the Poetry Foundation is just too important to the course. My only change there was to substitute one Elizabeth Bishop poem (“At the Fishhouses”) for another (“The Moose”) at the end of the unit.

No changes were made in drama.